When the Windows 10 proxy setting is enabled the device struggles to connect to any online utilties.  You won't be able to connect to VPN.  Microsoft Teams won't authenticate.   The internet becomes inaccessible no matter what browser you try.

At this time we don't know what mechanism is enabling the proxy.  The following directions will help you manually disable the Windows 10 proxy setting.


1.  Type 'internet explorer' in the Windows 10 search box.

2.  Select the 'Internet Explorer' app inside the search results box.

3.  Click on the 'Tools' gear in the upper right corner of the application.

4.  Click 'Internet Options'.

5.  Click the 'Connections' tab.

6.  Click the 'LAN Settings' button.

You should see that the 'Automatic detect settings' is checked.  It should not be.

7.  Uncheck the 'Automatic detect settings'.

8.  Click 'OK'.

9.  Click 'OK'.

You can now close Internet Explorer and resume normal function and connectivity with your device.