This process will outline how to back up data from your Windows PC to your Google Drive (cloud-based storage). Note that your WS/FCS Google Drive has unlimited storage.  


1) Open the Google Chrome web browser and navigate to

2) Sign in to Google with your WS/FCS email address and password.

3) Click on the 'App launcher' button.

4) Select Google Drive.

We are going to create a new folder for the uploaded local data from your PC.

5) Select the 'New' button.

6) Select 'Folder'

7) Create a name for the new folder.

8) Click the 'Create' button.

We are now going to upload data to the newly created folder.

9) Select the 'New' button

10) Select 'Folder upload'

11) Select 'Desktop' (or any other important folder you want to back up).  You cannot select more than one folder at a time. 

12) Click 'Upload'

13) Click the second 'Upload' button for upload confirmation on the secondary popup box.

NOTICE: The folder has now been uploaded to Google Drive.

You can verify the file contents inside (highlighted below).

Use the same processes above (9, 10, 11, 12, and 13) to upload other important folders to Microsoft OneDrive.  Most notable folders storing information are: Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Pictures and Videos.  

Upload times will vary based on the amount of information being copied.