Microsoft releases new versions of Windows 10 annually.  It is highly important to keep our Windows based devices updated to the latest and greatest version and patches.  For WS/FCS, the best and easiest way to accomplish this is to reimage our devices.  

Reimaging a device will erase ALL the data and information on the device.  WS/FCS provides two forms of cloud storage (Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive) and we encourage everyone to save to the cloud. Device hardware can fail at any time and data loss is a likely side effect. 

Backing up locally stored data is the responsibility of the device user.  We are providing these directions to help you back up your data and settings ahead of time.


The following instructions will guide you how to sync your locally stored favorites/bookmarks and other browser settings to the cloud.


There are 3 different options to send your local data for backup.  You can choose all three but really only need to choose one to send your data somewhere other than your local device storage.

(we recommend you view this YouTube video at full-screen)