This how-to article will take you through the steps required to enroll a Staff-issued iPad in our Jamf mobile device management (MDM) system.

It is imperative that you follow the twelve steps detailed below exactly as shown. This is especially critical for  Step 7.  and   Step 8.  in which you may want to review before beginning this process.

If you need to set up a Student/Shared iPad, please see our companion how-to article iPads - Student/Shared iPad Setup (Jamf).

 Step 1.   Press Home button to get started

 Step 2.   Choose English:

 Step 3.   Choose United States:

 Step 4.   Choose Set Up Manually (at the bottom of the screen):

 Step 5.   Choose WSFCS_Public from the Wi-Fi network list. Wait for iPad activation and configuration retrieval.

 Step 6.   Press ‘Next’ on the Remote Management screen (upper right):

 Step 7.   Enter your AD username and password (the same way you log into your computer - not your full email address)  THIS MUST BE THE STAFF MEMBER WHO IS BEING ISSUED THIS DEVICE.  If the tech facilitator or someone else logs in here, the device will enroll under that person's name instead of the teacher, and it will have to be factory reset.

 Step 8.   The configuration will install:


NOTE: If the configuration does not install and you get an error that says "Invalid Profile," < Back up to the beginning of the setup and put your iPad aside.  Wait at least 10 minutes, then start the setup again.  If you try again too quickly, the iPad will not enroll correctly and will have to be reset again.  If it fails again, please contact the Service Desk).

 Step 9.   Create a 6-digit passcode (the code you use to unlock your iPad) when prompted. Please do not use something that is easily guessed, like 123456. You will enter the passcode and then be asked to confirm it.

 Step 10.   Press Enable Location Services:

 Step 11.   Press ‘Get Started

 Step 12.   The wallpaper will change to the WSFCS Staff background.  The Jamf Self Service app and any other assigned apps will install automatically so keep the iPad powered up until it completes the load:

Congratulations, you have completed your iPad setup!.  You can find a video about iPad basics at this link:  iOS Interface

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